9.19 重庆荷兰日 Dutch Cross Over Party




2015-09-19 周六 21:00


重庆 MAO Livehouse

重庆市渝中区较场口日月光中心广场MAO liveclub查看地图





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2015-09-19 周六 21:00 ¥50


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|| Crossover Party ||

The Dutch Days presents a special event with the violist KUN in crossover with the Dutch DJs MIKE RAVELLI and BLIND 92. Dance music is one of biggest export products from the Netherlands. In this event, organised by only Dutch people, we will show what the dance music means for us. Dj Mike Ravelli and the violist Kun will have a LIVE show together. This is where China and the Netherlands will all come together. Make sure you wont miss this one time special event at MAO Liveclub!

荷兰日将为你呈现的是来自中国小提琴手KUN联合来自荷兰的唱片骑士MIKE RAVELLI与 BLIND 92的特别演绎。舞曲是荷兰最大出口产业之一。本次派对电子乐部分为全荷兰人的阵容,你会看见舞曲对我们的意义。荷兰唱片骑士MIKE RAVELLI 携手中国小提琴手KUN的现场表演,一场中荷音乐盛会,确保自己不要错失这次仅有的机会噢!

|| 时间TIME ||

09月19日晚上21点, 19th of September  21PM

|| 地址 LOCATION ||
重庆市渝中区较场口日月光广场 MAO Liveclub

Chongqing City, Yuzhong District, Jiaochangkou, SML Shopping mall square, MAO Liveclub

|| 门票 ENTRANCE ||

Presale 预售 ¥50, Doorsale 现场 ¥60


如今,MIKE RAVELLI在荷兰已被公认在他的音乐里能获得无限的能量,并且不可抑制的受人喜爱。不仅是因为他广受赞誉的作品(supported by artists such as Karotte, Edu Imbernon and Dubfire),还因为他一直支持这些备受喜爱的Techno and House组织,驻在有利的荷兰Techno和房子的组织,如 Shoeless, Perception, Thuishaven and the notorious Beachclub Woodstock 69。所有的这一切已使他赞誉有加并得到了国际所给予的认可。MIKE RAVELLI已经红透整个荷兰,并在这几年开始更多国际性的演出,例如 Katerholzig Berlin, Egg London, Barraca Valencia, Lantern Beijing - 他一直在做他最热爱的事情 -泡在录音棚,制作永不停歇的音乐的,周游世界的同时去分享他对电子音乐的激情。所以用你的信去听听他的作品和音乐吧。

Nowadays, Mike Ravelli is recognized in the Netherlands for his borderless energetic sound in his DJ sets and has built a solid reputation as a popular act. Not only his highly acclaimed productions, supported by artists such as Karotte, Edu Imbernon and Dubfire, but also residencies at favorable Dutch techno and house organizations such as Shoeless, Perception, Thuishaven and the notorious Beachclub Woodstock 69 have lead him towards a career with international recognition. Mike Ravelli is all across the Netherlands, and is vastly taking on international performances and has played in clubs like Katerholzig Berlin, Egg London, Barraca Valencia, Lantern Beijing and of course Amsterdam Dance Event to name a few —He does what he loves most — spending time in the studio, making timeless music and traveling the world to share his passion for electronic sounds with others. Check his productions and DJ sets and hear for your self.

|| KUN ||


Kun在中国的小提琴手当中无疑是相当先锋的,当大家还在守着乐谱不断练习试图理解巴赫、贝多芬的时候,他决定和古典音乐暂时告别,开始了他自由地演奏。Kun用一把1927年制作于意大利的原声提琴和一把型号Zeta Sv45的电小提琴创造出不一样的美好音乐。Kun带着他小提琴去到世界上不同的城市,又去探访不同城市与乡村中不同的角落,他去学习不同文化中音乐,然后与小提琴相融合。Kun的小提琴音乐充满了无限的可能,从纯正的古典主义,到现代的电子曲风,Kun擅长用多种采样和效果,通过小提琴为听众描绘不同的世界。

Kun,a crossover violinist,at the age of very end of the 80s and a alomost 90s, borned in Sichuan. Kun is now no doubt the pioneer among the violinists on China Island.He started to freely playing the violin and decided to giva up the classic music temporaryly while everyone is practicing hard and trying to understand the Bach and Beethoven’s.He creates totally diffrent but wonderful music with his Italian arousic and a Zeta Sv45 type electronic violin and also bring them to the worldwide,deep into the villages.He learned alot from varies of the music cultures and mixed with his beloved violin,which makes his music has infinity possibilities--from the real classical music to the modern electronic music.He also creates a fresh new world for the audience with his mix samplings and the visual artsy.

|| BLIND 92  ||

从出生开始 Bram van Ravenhorst 就没有停止过电子乐的探索尝试。与生俱来的热情 支撑他源源不断的 House music 创作。Blind '92 带来的绝对是音乐本质,以及疯狂粗粝的工业质感。

Blind '92 takes you back to the essence of sound. Bram van Ravenhorst has not been able to keep his hands of the volume controls since he could crawl. This long timepassion has evolved into a house sound where never ending basses, hats and kicks play the leading part. This takes you on a journey where you will discover the rawness of industrial sounds.


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